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If you are looking for an elevator company that can take care of your equipment regardless of its make and model, look no further.

Elevator Services Direct believe that our customers deserve "Freedom of Choice", which means that the products should be easily serviceable and maintainable by any suitably qualified elevator company. Why? For years many major elevator companies have only installed and serviced their own proprietary equipment, which of course makes perfect business sense for them. However, for you the customer this often leads to excessive prices for spare parts, service and repairs.

Elevator Services Direct has built its reputation on fair and sound business practice. We are able to service, repair and modernize all types of elevator and escalator. This, together with the quality of our highly skilled engineers and our ability to source spare parts, makes us the obvious choice when it comes to ocean going elevators.

Why not discuss the benefits we could bring to your fleet with one of our consultants.

Mission Statement…

“ Our Mission is to deliver the highest quality products and services. Delivered on time and installed within an agreed schedule. To meet and exceed our customer needs along with those of our employees. To offer our services at a price to satisfy our customers and our investors. To be responsible to our environment and community in the safe handling of waste materials.”